Jazoon 07

Here we are! Live at Jazoon07!

Jazoon Logo!

Quite impressive stuff! I found it to be a professional conference, as expected, and it was possibe to meet many interesting people, Neal Gafter among the others (nice pictue of Neal on JUG Milano website, where he’s managing large amounts of swiss food! )

Here I summarize my impressions, given that I completely agree about what Filippo and Roman already wrote


  • large amount of speeches to choose from. every day
  • many PC and printers available to public
  • free traveling ticket for public transport was a great idea
  • free Toblerone was beautiful 🙂 (but please, don’t wait the very last day to release it!!!)


  • notepad and pen missing from welcome bag
  • bad conference map, with speeches’ abstract collapsed in four lines, the first four (men, you asked as for five pages! So what?)
  • no java-champions BOF (but this was also our fault 😦 )
  • official jazoon blog is not very up-to-date

Anyway, I definitely recommend this conference!

And yes, my speech went very well :), you may also take a look at a more complete report on JUG Torino website (unfortunately, it was written in Italian)


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