Gitinabox, get your private git!

The long wait is over! GerritForge LLP today announced the availability of the first private beta of Git-in-a-box, download it today!

gitinaboxGit-in-a-box is the revolutionary HTML5 User-Experience to get started using Git on your premises with a “plug & play” Server installation. Take a tour of the features available and check out the howto section. No install, no hassle: just double click on the java executable jar and you will have a fully featured Git backend, fully managed trough a nice web interface, while enjoying http and ssh access to your repositories from your network!

What you can do with it?

  • create and manage your repositories with simple clicks
  • create and manage users and groups with no dependencies
  • control security and access to your code
  • access statistics and browsing
  • enjoy a pleasant user interface on your phone, tablet or computer

Git-in-a-box is currently in private beta till end of March 2013. With all the feedback received and the stabilisation fixed, the final release of Git-in-a-box will be officially available for Download from April 2013.

Check it out at!


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