Gitinabox, get your private git!

The long wait is over! GerritForge LLP today announced the availability of the first private beta of Git-in-a-box, download it today!

gitinaboxGit-in-a-box is the revolutionary HTML5 User-Experience to get started using Git on your premises with a “plug & play” Server installation. Take a tour of the features available and check out the howto section. No install, no hassle: just double click on the java executable jar and you will have a fully featured Git backend, fully managed trough a nice web interface, while enjoying http and ssh access to your repositories from your network!

What you can do with it?

  • create and manage your repositories with simple clicks
  • create and manage users and groups with no dependencies
  • control security and access to your code
  • access statistics and browsing
  • enjoy a pleasant user interface on your phone, tablet or computer

Git-in-a-box is currently in private beta till end of March 2013. With all the feedback received and the stabilisation fixed, the final release of Git-in-a-box will be officially available for Download from April 2013.

Check it out at!


Gerrit as a service!

Gerrit as a service!
GitEnterprise is proud to announce its integration with Google Gerrit code-review that now provides all backend services for the platform, including HTTP/S and SSH protocol management together with its powerful code-review functionalities.

Get gerrit as a service at!

Git Enterprise is now in private beta!

Git enterprise web site

Git Enterprise private beta is now open! You can request a beta key sending an email at

Git is a fast distributed version control system that can efficently handle small and large projects. It simplifies distributed development and protect investments with its application compatibility features (SVN, CVS). Git Enterprise leverages on Git technical strengths adding advanced enterprise management features. Click here for a full overview of Git Enterprise features!

We are all very excited about this… we can’t wait to get some feedback from you guys, hope we’ll see you soon!