Flash Plugin for Ubuntu 64

Long time since last post, but at least a useful bit of information. On Ubuntu 11.04 64bit if you install the flashplugin-installer, either alone or as part of the metapackage ubuntu-restricted-extras you will get…. surprise, a 32bit flaash plugin! Very annoying, also because it does not work very well.

Just install adobe-flushplugin instead: it will uninstall the old version and you will get a proper 64bit version :)

Git Enterprise is now in private beta!

Git enterprise web site

Git Enterprise private beta is now open! You can request a beta key sending an email at beta2@gitenterprise.com

Git is a fast distributed version control system that can efficently handle small and large projects. It simplifies distributed development and protect investments with its application compatibility features (SVN, CVS). Git Enterprise leverages on Git technical strengths adding advanced enterprise management features. Click here for a full overview of Git Enterprise features!

We are all very excited about this… we can’t wait to get some feedback from you guys, hope we’ll see you soon!

Ubuntu: disable indexing

If you are a developer the last thing you want running on your system is an indexing daemon, that keeps the cpu busy and eats precious i/o. If you’re like me, you want to get rid of it as soon as you can! Yes, we all know that the thing is “configurable”, but anyway it keeps eating resources and it will also slow down your desktop (if you have one)
So, just go to synaptic (or apt. if you are a command line guy) and remove “tracker” and related dependencies. Be sure to remove also “beagle”, you may have installed in some previous life :)