My teams are awesome!

I just want to drop a few lines to say that my teams are awesome! I am so proud to be here in Workshare and manage these people! No, we are not super-brilliant-smart or whatever, we definitely not googlers and we have a long road to improve, but we will get there, eventually :) So far we are doing just right!

And yeah, you have to realize that if your team suck then, well, you probably suck as well. Of course I failed to realize this myself first in my early days as a manager.

Git Enterprise is now in private beta!

Git enterprise web site

Git Enterprise private beta is now open! You can request a beta key sending an email at

Git is a fast distributed version control system that can efficently handle small and large projects. It simplifies distributed development and protect investments with its application compatibility features (SVN, CVS). Git Enterprise leverages on Git technical strengths adding advanced enterprise management features. Click here for a full overview of Git Enterprise features!

We are all very excited about this… we can’t wait to get some feedback from you guys, hope we’ll see you soon!

Pidgin & OpenFire

Openfire (aka WildFire) a very well known jabber server won’t work with Pidgin, a famous IM client, because of a lack of support by Java in RFC 2831implementation, as you can also read here, here and here.

Before giving up digging inside Openfire awkward documentation and obscure groups suggestions just pick up you openfire.xml file in /opt/openfire/conf and add, just before closing </jive> elements, these few sentences:


They’ll do the job.